The world is full of beautiful people . . .

cs3. . . if we just take a look around us

This morning I sat in a coffee shop and spied my prey sitting nearby. Writers are always looking for things that they can spin into their web of lies – I mean stories.

What really caught my attention was the little snippets of conversation that floated across to me on Brazilian aromas.

Before continuing with my tale, I need to confess that I am a techophobe/technofool, whatever you might want to call it. But I learn just enough to get by, and nothing more.

Anyway, the oldest of the whiteheads (left in the above image) was speaking:

“I cannot for the life of me understand why all the youngsters have laptops.”

Lady in crocheted hat: “I’m sure it’s so that they can go onto the internet.”

Oldest of the whiteheads again: “Nonsense. It’s matter of what is in vogue. You can’t go onto the internet with a laptop.”

Gentleman with his back to me: “Why not? I thought you could.”

“It doesn’t plug in, that’s why not. My grandson explained it all to me. I don’t remember the details, though.”

Lady in hat: ” But if you have a special phone you can.”

Oldest: “That’s far too expensive. I’m really not interested in the internet . . .”

I was smiling and choking at the same time. Once I had dried my eyes, they were talking about something else. But I want to assure you that I do not hold their ignorance against them. Until a few weeks ago, I still plugged my cell phone into my laptop with a USB cable to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi hot spot on a cell phone? I had never heard of it before. Now I am on the cyber highway, with my laptop upstairs while connected to my phone in charge downstairs. Man, it still feels like magic.

So, yes, I get the old trio (there must be two and a half centuries between them) and I think that they are fortunate not to have to deal with things that are a “matter of what is in vogue”. And I get it that I am only a second or two ahead of them – technologically speaking, not biologically. I can just about claim a half-century to myself at this point.

Back to the topic. Beautiful people. They aren’t beautiful people because they are cyber-clots. I know plenty of ugly techo-morons. But I watched the old lady with the woollen crocheted hat as she ate. She is really old, I assure you. But her eyes were smiling like those of a young girl, and I held my breath each time she lifted the scone to her mouth . . . and closed her eyes. She was simply enjoying the scone topped with grated cheese. At one point she said, “My goodness, this place gives such generous helpings of butter. Real butter.”

Know this: when I get to her age, I want to be just like her – still enjoying the things I enjoy now. I will close my eyes every time I take a bite out of a fresh scone. These are the beautiful people that fill my world, and even though they have no need for the internet, they have just debuted on it anyway, from a small coffee shop in a hospital in Three Rivers, South Africa.

[I am so thrilled that my cheapy cell phone took such a poor pic. If you enlarge it enough, it looks like an oil painting. How cool is that?]


24 thoughts on “The world is full of beautiful people . . .

  1. Dear D

    Loved the observations and insights. I will definitely be following your journey. Thanks for the link.
    PS. Which of the two was the Muse? Ha Ha.


  2. You once said (while you were waiting for your children) that you were reading my insanity (uh, my blog), and that you were laughing so hard that I brought you to tears. I guess it’s true what they say; “Paybacks a bitch.” I’m laughing so hard over here, I think I caused it to rain, or something. Your post, and those lovable old folks, made me laugh, but not at them. I see so much of myself in their lack of knowledge about the internet and its capacity. I’m barely able to navigate the net, and don’t get me started about my iPhone, because nobody else can either. My kids claim that its an adventure anytime I ask them for help on how to use it. I’m so ashamed to admit how ignorant I am; that if cavemen were suddenly plopped down in my blissful presence at this very minute, I suspect they would know more about technology by evening than I would. And you are right; they are beautiful people.:O)


  3. Visiting from The Story Reading Ape. I loved this because one of my favorite things to do in coffee shops is watch people. If you can hear them, even better. I’m not all that far from the crocheted hat myself, but I do know how to use a computer. Thanks for the smile.


  4. What is really wonderful, is during her scone delight, she did not get her phone snap a photo and put on Twitter or Instagram. It was just a moment in time that she lived in. Very special. Great piece.


  5. So true! For me, the best part of being a therapist was locating that beautiful person who was hidden from their consciousness and turn the mirror so they could see it and embrace their beauty!

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