Poem: prolife [the vanity of publishing]


Up to my bloody hips in jellyfish foetuses

I march,

respectfully trying not to tread on the dead

of those gone before.

Pushing, pushing to the promised land.

My lungs dare a deep breath–

but these unborn do not stink

for in South Africa

smiling babies are raped and slashed open wide

while we muse at our sterile slabs,

pickling our miscarriages in formaldehyde.

And, at a lucky climax in our meaningless lives,

we get to dress them in esoteric book covers bearing our names

and sir publishing god christens our vanity and our death



9 thoughts on “Poem: prolife [the vanity of publishing]

  1. Thanks for the comment.
    The poem is not really ‘sunny’, but rather reflects the struggle I have with wanting to write so many books and so many stories — when real, ugly and important things are happening all around me. My desire to write sometimes feels petty and self-indulgent in comparison. And then the inner turmoil makes me want to write even more. So I guess I am like most other writers out there — confused! 🙂


  2. Brilliant! I agree with you. I have all kinds of ideas too, but I feel held back, because my ideas are not commercial enough, or don’t fit in a genre. I think that is why I enjoy this blogging thing, because you can write about whatever, and somewhere out there it will appeal to someone and I don’t have to charge through the mighty gatekeepers to get it out there and read. I really liked this, very deep, very symbolic and so true.

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    • I know exactly what you mean, about not being sure where you fit in. I was reading a Christian fiction this weekend (Francine Rivers) and I thought, “How can people read this? It’s so syrupy.” And Francine Rivers is a megastar seller. Then I realised that there are MANY readers out there, and a small percentage of them are going to like my writing. So I will remain true to my voice and continue to write the books I want to read.
      Mister Gates (or shall I call you SD?), you must do the same. Just keep writing and work on finding the people who will faithfully follow your work. They are there somewhere. 🙂

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