It’s nearly Friday, folks . . . Who would like their book reviewed?

Earlier we discussed the issue of begging our blog friends to buy our books. And the consensus is that reviews (and stars) are worth more than sales when you are a new writer. Nobody wants to buy your book if somebody else has not already a) purchased it and b) taken the time to review it. help wanted

Personally, I am not crazy about the idea of asking Granny and Aunt Sue and all the neighbours to review my book. If you read some reviews on Amazon, it sounds as though that is exactly what happens. I would rather have five reviews than ten sales. And I would rather have five reviews from thoughtful readers and writers (YOU, my blog buddies) than twenty Granny/Aunt Sue/neighbourhood reviews (especially if they think that reading was something they had to do at school, and no more).

As promised, I am going to institute a Friday Freebie blog. This our attempt (yours and mine) to get our works reviewed on whatever digital platform they may be. Instead of us thrusting our books into the faces of all our Blogville buddies, asking them to buy, buy, buy  . . . we are going to read and review each other’s books.

The only criteria (criterion for the grammar Nazis), is that it MUST BE FREE on Friday 1 May. So, if you have some free days left on your Amazon promo, or you have a free book on another platform in need of reviews, LET ME KNOW. And I am going to make up a blog spread with your book’s cover, a short description, and the link to your platform. So I think you know what I need.

Wait, there is another criteria (criterion for the GN): You MUST review AT LEAST one other book from Friday’s blog. This is a Give-and-Take scenario (scenarion? :-)).

Send the details to

Please send it soon, as I am going to need some time to get the layout sorted.  The great thing is that we can all reblog the post (and connect it to our Facebook pages) and who knows, we may even scoop a few extra reviews along the way.

Let’s see if this works.

I’m looking forward to seeing a few books up on Friday.


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