There’s no place like home . . . and Dorothy was back in Kanzas

judy-garland-as-dorothy-in-the-wizard-of-oz1It’s been a while. First there were the munchkins. But they weren’t too bad. They released me after a few days.

Then there was the wicked witch of the East. I had to fight my way out of that one. Still have the scars. And of course Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow were not easy to leave behind, as they had become my family. We won’t talk about the wizard, not now. And definitely not here…

But it was time to go home and I knew my job was done…

Yeah, right.

Truth is, in June/July each year, the Big Thesis Deadline Machine comes and rips the guts out of every available academic editor. We are deprived of food, personal hygiene, friends, blogging, writing, reading, crosswords and everything else that makes life worthwhile (did I mention sleep?). All in the name of academic progress. Then we are spat out of the machine and have to try to remember what we were busy with before it all shoes

I found my way back here. Now could someone please tell me where this is? And why am I wearing shoes from a David Bowie music video?


2 thoughts on “There’s no place like home . . . and Dorothy was back in Kanzas

  1. I always hate it when aliens abduct some of my favorite people. And if I’ve told you once, Dorothy… well, I’ve told you only once, but don’t go sailing with Columbus. Everyone knows the world is flat—everyone but him that is. So off you go anyway, right off into the universe. Thank goodness you used that extra long bungee cord I recommended. It took a while, but at least you came back to earth. So you got sucked into the black hole of the Big Thesis Deadline Machine huh? And how many times have I told you about the dangers of academic time travel? Bet your glad now that I told you to invest in those Ruby Slippers, even though at the time you claimed they were too expensive. But let me tell you; you go wondering off again young lady without leaving those bread crumbs, and this is what happens. Well, I’m just glad you got back home safe.

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