Read me a bedtime story, please!

Sleep like a baby

Life is so rushed. We work, we work, and we think about the things we would do . . . if we just had the time.

Writing is high on my list of priorities. (But then there’s work). Many of you are also straining to find the time to fit everything into a 24-hour day that will just not — no matter how much you wish for it — stretch into a 25-hour day. And if you are trying to find the time to write, you will really be struggling to set side time for reading. I must confess that my Bucket Reading List is relatively untouched. I’ve been wanting to read so many of the classics for so long (but just not getting there) that I am already beginning to feel like a hypocritical traitor. Or a treacherous hypocrite. What’s more, we all know that you can’t pour out of a story jug unless you fill it up with the raw ingredients of the words, dreams, ideas and longings of other, masterful writers first. How I dread the day when my jug finally delivers its last two drops of magic and I have to put it down.

Except, now, I have the answer. I stumbled across and I finally really realised how Ali Baba must have felt when he discovered the cave filled with gleaming treasure. Because I have just found a treasure beyond my wildest dreams: thousands of beautiful books, the greatest books the world has even seen, AND someone who is ready to read them to me.cave_of_wonders_inside

It’s perfect! I may not have enough time to read Ayn Rand’s Anthem, but I do still have to mop floors somewhere in this hectic schedule. Yesterday, I mopped floors while a wonderful, generous woman read the book to me. And I cooked while she read, and I fell asleep to her soothing voice. You see, I have my own personal bedtime story reader (a whole lot of them, in fact) and they, unlike many modern parents, are never too busy to read to me. I squeeze them and the thousands of books into my mobile phone and my new friends go with me wherever I go.

And it’s all free.

If ever I said something about hating technology, I take every single word back. I love it, I really do.

Have a wonderful day. Visit and download your choice of book read by a volunteer (who loves books just like you do). Let us know which books you chose and how you enjoyed the experience.

I’m off to mop floors. Again! This time, Beowulf will be joining me.


7 thoughts on “Read me a bedtime story, please!

  1. This sounds great — thank you for sharing this resource. I’m always struggling to find time to write, let alone read, and this might be the answer I’m looking for.

    I’m looking forward to checking it out … if I can scrounge the time. 🙂

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