NaNo is my new best friend…

sjorns songI am learning so much from my NaNo experience. Can you agree with me on any of the following, based on how it’s going for you?

  • I see things in my other writing that I feel the need to add, change, delete etc. Now I have a new character in Scarlatti, Sjorn, a romantic hero who just blew me away. I had a tune in my head, and eventually I had to sit down and try figure out the words. Hence the arrival of the handsome and brave archer from the cold seas. Man, I am so in love with this strange character that has just stepped into the book (and into the last place anyone would expect to find him) and given me a serious timeframe issue. So writing is now a all-day occupation. Wonderful!
  • My creativity has gone through the roof, and I suspect I may be a little loony
  • I see connections in the story because I’m not worrying about the grammar
  • I write faster, with less concern about the words being good enough
  • I am writing for my own pleasure, and loving every minute of it
  • I don’t care about much, except coffee and making sure the dog’s water dishes are full [heat wave and drought in SA].

Sorry, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’m just so excited to see what is happening in my parallel universe. Please, please tell me about your NaNo experience — Good or bad?

PS: Can anyone tell me how to get GOOD Word to JPG conversions, not like the crummy stuff I’m currently stuck with?



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