Okay, so how was NaNo?

jacquesSounds like old news, doesn’t it? But I feel obliged to play catchup and report back to all two of you who read my posts. (Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad).

NaNo was not the success I wanted it to be. I didn’t finish my book. I did not even hit the 50k mark. But it wasn’t a waste of time. Writing is never a waste of time.

I reached the end of the first third and my character suddenly died on me. She was supposed to die–that’s what the book is about. But definitely not at such an early page (oops, stage). As Orpah (the main character) breathed her last, Ben took over. This was supposed to be my book, the one I wrote for myself. And entirely from a woman’s perspective. Then a man steps in and takes over. That really rattled me, for a day. I may not be the world’s most experienced writer (still aiming for the top 187 000), but I do know that I need to listen when my characters speak. They generally know better. So I listened.

Now my book is narrated from the perspective of three people: Orpah, Ben, and their young son who grows up without his parents. While it may not be what I envisaged, it is probably better than I could have done on my own steam.

Here’s to NaNo and the lessons it taught me. And here’s to my friends who managed to complete (and those who didn’t). You all rock!! We all rock!! May we keep telling the stories as bravely and honestly as we know how.

So, how was NaNo for you?