Before God created man…

godtouchingman…He did a whole bunch of really cool things.

For instance, did you know that He made day and night before the sun and moon? And before the planets were doing their spinning and rotating stuff that we believe gives us day and night.

Secondly, he made plants on the day before He made the sun. Now, I may be wrong here, but would the plants have survived so long without the sun if each day was a million years, or whatever the latest theory says? Bang goes the ‘each day is a long time and not 24 hours’ theory.

We need to reread Genesis 1 again with believing eyes, and not through Steven Hawking specs. After all, he isn’t as clever as some would have us believe. Yeah, he is so much more cleverer than I am, when it comes to math and science. But can he make banana chutney?

Thirdly, the oceans were placed perfectly in position BEFORE the moon was in the sky. Seriously, that is an important point. We have been told (well, I have), that if the moon were to be blown out of the sky (and my BFF believes that NASA has blasted holes in the dark side of the moon), the earth would not exist. This is due to the gravitational pull that the moon exerts on the sea and the earth. So, perhaps God got the order of His creation all wrong and had to hold thumbs for 24 hours (or a million years) just in case the earth disappeared before anyone could document its existence. Alternatively, the moon does not do what they claim it does. Also, and this confuses me a little, how come the earth did not spin off track into the great blue yonder, spraying the sea into the universe. If I remember my science lessons, the earth is part of an intricate system, and we cannot exist without the rotations and pathways of all the other planets (that were created after the sea and plants etc.).

Then God made me. Actually, he made my great forefather, Adam, and He moulded him from the same earth He created. And He said too Adam and Eve, “You guys keep multiplying until a woman named Dorothy arrives, you and the generations to follow you. Because I want a relationship with her.”

And, here I am. Furthermore, I have continued the trend of continuing the generations, and God wants a relationship with each one of those who follow after me. On days like today, I say that it doesn’t matter that I don’t understand string theory or astronomy or quantum physics. I understand the most important thing in the universe: God loves ME… and I love Him. By taking God out of creation, science is attempting to break my relationship with God. My relationship with the Almighty Creator begins in Genesis. I cannot believe anything about the cross if I am struggling with Genesis 1. And yeah, I will firmly state that God is not a liar. Read Genesis 1 and believe it. It means what it says.

PS: For something else really cool in the Bible, you may want to read my post It’s in the Bible #1: Hot babes and cold kings.




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