Beyond the Sun – Shinedown

Shattered Minds - putting the pieces back together

This song was played by Chris over and over and over and over prior to me finding out that I was D.I.D.  It was alsmost as if she was preparing me.

06-Beyond The Sun

Beyond the Sun – Shinedown

Speak to me

So I can understand your tongue

You seem rather fragile

It’s been said

It’s cold beyond the sun

Have you ever been there?

Communicating  thoughts of ways

To never have to speak again

Let me be the fire in your head

Bring what’s yours, I’ll take what’s mine

And meet you on the other side

We’ll leave a sign so anyone can find us

A better place, a sweeter time

We won’t need any wings to fly

A place beyond the sun

Look for me

The way you would if you were blind

Don’t be so resistant

I’ve been known

To travel much too fast

Is that you…

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